File Specifications

Send files in 8bit JPG or TIFF/TIF format. If saving as a tif, make sure it is flattened and do not use any Image Compression in the Photoshop save dialog (“None” should be selected in the tiff save options box)

  • We recommend working in sRGB color space (in all areas – camera capture, monitor, and software).
  • When shooting, do not use Auto White Balance, as it will result in inconsistent skin tones. In situations, where lighting is consistent (studio settings) choose a white balance to match your conditions, either by selecting a pre-set camera setting or setting proper Kelvin color temperature.
  • Select image mode 8bit/RGB (not CMYK). Be sure all B&W images are fully desaturated, then saved in RGB mode, not grayscale.

When saving your files –

  • Do not embed monitor or display profiles into your images. Only embed with common color space profiles that you photographed the image with (e.g. SRGB, Adobe1998).
  • When saving as JPG always use the highest quality setting – in Photoshop that is 12 in the save dialog box.
  • If saving Tif files do not use any Image Compression in the save dialog box – select None if not already selected.

When naming your files –

  • Please use numbers only, or a combination of numbers and letters, no special characters.
  • Do not use spaces, use underscores instead.
  • Do not exceed 15 characters.

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