You’ll love your Lenzart products – every time! Whether you like to adjust your files yourself or you prefer to have Lenzart use their years of experience to lighten your workload…high quality, professional printing is always what you’ll receive.

Standard Pro & Studio Corrected

Standard Pro prints are the choice of most professional photographers, as they give you the best product from your files and save you all the time of file adjustment at the studio. The lab will fully correct your file for color, density, saturation and contrast, and match skin tones from pose to pose.

For studios that have the time and inclination to do their own color correction and file manipulation, this service is “direct output”. Printed on Kodak E surface paper, Studio Corrected prints will allow for most finishing services. We assume all decisions have been made by the studio, so there will be no adjustments at the lab.

Giclee Prints

Looking for a way to turn your photography into something exquisite? Then you must try Lenzart’s Giclee Fine Art prints. Every file is adjusted and color corrected as needed, and then printed on a large format ink jet printer using archival inks and substrates. The 7-color ink process produces images that are rich and vibrant, with a smooth and continuous tone. Choose Giclee Matte printed on rich matte paper, Giclee Satin printed on top quality satin paper, or Giclee Watercolor printed on a heavy, textured paper to create unique, artistic prints.

Competition Prints

Lenzart competition prints have been the proud recipients of over 100 Kodak Gallery Awards and Fuji Masterpiece Awards, in addition to hundreds of merit prints. Included in the print price is a review of each step of the competition printing and finishing under PP of A competition lighting standards. If necessary, we will make changes to color, density, saturation and contrast. To order, view the Competition Prints catalog in Lenzart ROES.

Studio Logo Imprinting

Easily add your logo to digital files for print orders. On any print that you choose, studio logos are free. To get started, you’ll send us a high resolution (.JPG or .TIF) file with your logo. For a one-time only charge of $30.00, we’ll set up your personal studio logo for ordering through ROES. After you approve initial test prints, you’ll be ready to order studio prints complete with your stylized logo.

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