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Lenzart provides fast, reliable event services for your
proms, dance schools, sports events, and nursery schools.


From our 48 hour turnaround to our customizable packages, to our outstanding customer service and support, your event season with Lenzart will be the easiest you’ve ever had.


Use Lenzart’s Event Service for your proms, dance schools, sports events and nursery schools, and we will help make them simpler for you.

  • Use Lenzart ROES Events and SAVE HOURS OF WORK. Create your packages ahead of time and when it’s time to order, simply place your files on the desired packages – the sizes will populate automatically! Design your own packages in any combinations you’d like (unlike some labs where you are forced into specified packages).
  • Send your event to Lenzart and have it printed and shipped back 48 hours after we receive it – at no additional charge.
  • Here’s a service you rarely find at other labs. Lenzart offers cutting, foldering and packaging of your events. And we will also die cut your wallets if requested. Wouldn’t it make your studio life a whole lot easier to receive your events ready to deliver?
  • Boost your sales with Lenzart’s exciting add-on products. Memory mate composites are not only a creative way to incorporate the team/group and individual photos, but they eliminate the extra handling and expense of Memory Mate mounts. We also offer trading cards – plenty to choose from to satisfy all your schools and sport teams.
  • Remember to make mini notes, bag tags, keychains, photo buttons, mirrors, magnets, bookmarks, magazine covers, dry erase boards with magnetic strips, calendars, drinkware and gift items a part of your product line – we have dozens of items that make it easy to get higher sales from your events.
  • We’ll look at your files and make color and density adjustments to ensure the most consistent result possible for the entire order.


Lenzart has a wide range of products to choose from to help make your event a total success!


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